Engineering Management Program

Start: November 16th · up to 12 seats

A growing number of technology startups in Europe implies the need for growth of engineering teams. While engineering team size increases, product development becomes more advanced, and the company matures, a need for professional engineering management arises, to cover hiring, onboarding, feedback, retention, and performance challenges.

Dynamic and high growth startup environment requires specific skills from product manager which are closer to entrepreneurs than to traditional product owner role in well established organisations. So getting onboard a new product manager requires a long head hunting process or extensive training. If role is covered successfully, company scales easily if right product management is missing organisation could fail. 

This program builds up product management competency within the group of diverse product specialists who leverages their existing experience and industry knowledge to uncover market opportunities, shape strategy and create execution plan together. The program is based on solving real product problems in collaborative way, while interacting with real customers and stakeholders applying newest product management methods. The program provides a complete overview of the role.


Who is this program for?

  • For senior engineers who are considering taking the managerial track in their career
  • For newly promoted engineering managers, who need to fast-track their learning in the new role
  • For experienced engineering managers, who would like to reassess their experience and skills, and to identify potential gaps they need to fill

What you'll learn

You will learn to build a new engineering team from scratch, or to expand and scale existing engineering teams. You will also learn to ramp-up your engineering team to its peak performance, by setting a lightweight yet efficient purpose-driven operating model, by sustaining and growing your top engineering talent, and by identifying and coaching emerging leaders in your team.


Week 1: Building Engineering Teams

  • Planning your engineering team: competency, capacity and composition
  • Understanding your perfect match: your culture and the right candidates

  • Preparing to hire: engineer's motivational factors and your USPs (Unique Selling Points)

  • Becoming visible: better brand awareness with conferences, meetups and partnerships

  • Hiring individuals: headhunting seniors, managing risk with juniors, and growing talent from within

  • Hiring teams: taking over existing engineering teams

  • On-boarding new hires: creating a brilliant welcoming experience

Week 2: Running the Engineering Team

  • Setting context: making company strategy and direction relevant to engineers
  • Keeping eyes on the ball: how to make product vision, strategy and objectives clear to engineers

  • Fast, good, and cheap: ensuring delivery quality with OKRs and roadmaps

  • Removing roadblocks: handling cross-team dependencies, conflicts and escalations

  • Speeding-up decisions: managing stakeholder’s expectations and getting complex tasks done

  • Keeping performance phenomenal: fostering engineering excellence and the culture of technical innovation

  • Feeling the pulse: running individual 1:1s and team retrospectives

Week 3: Sustaining the Engineering Team

  • Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best: tracking individual attrition risks
  • Keeping golden geese: decreasing attrition impact with role continuity

  • Getting rid of bad apples: managing low performers

  • Keeping the ship tidy: setting-up and maintaining team facilities

  • Managing distance: dealing with distributed engineering teams

  • Keeping the clock: shaping the team schedule and handling flexible work

  • Tracking costs: handling benefit changes and other team expenses

Week 4: Growing the Engineering Team

  • Fostering a consistent team culture: our beliefs, stories, and identity
  • Making growth personal: an approach to personalized professional development

  • Showing the map: career ladder, rotations, and promotions

  • Setting the path: creating and working towards professional goals

  • Boosting growth by other people: coaching, shadowing, and mentoring

  • Boosting growth with special projects: 20%, labs, hackathons, open source

  • Boosting growth with special projects: 20%, labs, hackathons, open source

Facilitated by

Olegas Murasko
VP of Engineering, Trafi



November 16th, 2019


4 Saturdays - Nov 16, 23, 30, Dec 7


6h practice (10:00 - 16:00) + 4-5h preparation at home each week