Product Leadership Program

Start: February 29th, 2020 · up to 9 seats

Dynamic and high growth startup environment requires specific skills from product manager which are closer to entrepreneurs than to traditional product owner role in well established organisations. So getting onboard a new product manager requires a long head hunting process or extensive training. If role is covered successfully, company scales easily if right product management is missing organisation could fail. 

This program builds up product management competency within the group of diverse product specialists who leverages their existing experience and industry knowledge to uncover market opportunities, shape strategy and create execution plan together. The program is based on solving real product problems in collaborative way, while interacting with real customers and stakeholders applying newest product management methods. The program provides a complete overview of the role.


Who is this program for?

  • For those who graduated the Product Management program
  • For those who want to strengthen product-culture in the organization
  • For those who want to deepen their knowledge of company-level product strategic issues

What you'll learn

  • Select appropriate research options
  • Design and process the efficient running of product discovery
  • Adopt product management tools to suit organizational needs and challenges
  • Contribute to and shape business strategy
  • Define the collaboration practices between functions
  • Select best ways to communicate
  • Coach and strengthen product-culture in the organization


Week 1: Product discovery & Research

Product discovery

  • Business models and types of strategic decisions (focus, fit, trade-off)
  • Business strategy transformation into product strategy requirements

  • Market analysis

  • General corporate product structure and portfolio goals

  • User analytics and feedback analysis

  • Working with consumer segments and use case

  • Experiments


  • Overview of research types
  • Deconstructing ideas and formulating hypotheses

  • Research objectives and implementation principles

  • Research on the life cycle of products and organizations

  • Research strategy

  • Preparation of research design, conducting interviews

  • Selecting, tracking and interpreting results and metrics

Week 2: Strategic tools & Cooperation and leadership

Strategic tools

  • Principles of how to create vision and value proposition
  • Inclusion of functions and roles into strategy development/update

  • Strategy review and revision

  • Customization of product framing tools

  • Development planning tools (opportunity backlog, variety of roadmap)

Cooperation and leadership

  • Strategy communication, internal and external product communication
  • Work with all functions (sales, marketing, customer service, customer success)

  • Working with top management team

  • Product culture establishment

Facilitated by

Andrius Grigorjevas
Strategy, Be&Do



February 29th, 2020


2 Saturdays - Feb 29, Mar 7, 10:00-16:00


6h practice (10:00 - 16:00) + 4-5h preparation at home each week


€390,- (alumni €360,-)