Start: 2020 (TBA) · up to 12 seats

This one-day course will introduce user research as an instrument helping to gain valuable insights during the product development cycle that later informs product and design decisions. You'll not only learn how to pick the right research method for each stage of the product development process, but also get an in-depth look into user interview as a research technique that uncovers users’ goals, motivations, needs, behaviors & problems. The course will consist of a lecture backed up with real-case examples, and of practical exercises during which you'll plan, conduct and analyse user interview findings, and will get instant feedback to advance your learning process. 

The course also includes:personal consultation on your real-case question.

Dynamic and high growth startup environment requires specific skills from product manager which are closer to entrepreneurs than to traditional product owner role in well established organisations. So getting onboard a new product manager requires a long head hunting process or extensive training. If role is covered successfully, company scales easily if right product management is missing organisation could fail. 

This program builds up product management competency within the group of diverse product specialists who leverages their existing experience and industry knowledge to uncover market opportunities, shape strategy and create execution plan together. The program is based on solving real product problems in collaborative way, while interacting with real customers and stakeholders applying newest product management methods. The program provides a complete overview of the role.


Who is this program for?

  • The course is dedicated to professionals - product managers and UX designers - who make product development decisions and design its solutions. Those who already have experience of implementing research, will deepen their knowledge and competence in the field. Those who have never done research in the past, will gain understanding, skills and confidence to start applying it and get trusted results.
  • For product designers who recently started their career to fast-track their learning in the new role
  • For experienced product designers, who would like to reassess their experience and skills, and to identify potential gaps they need to fill
  • For data analysts, and business developers who want to strengthen their skills to build user-centered products


  • UX research landscape
  • Key research methods

  • When and which method to use during product development process

  • When and how to use multiple data types

  • Key aspects ensuring quality of the research

  • Deep-dive into user interview method:
    Planning: goal, participants profile, recruitment, questionnaire;
    Conducting: interview stages, moderating techniques & tips, common mistakes;
    Analysis: coding and finding themes;
    Reporting: communicating insights to make an impact;
    Multiple applications of the interview data;

Facilitated by

Simona Griškutė
Research, WIX

Sandra Zaidova
Research, Trafi



March 7th, 2020


One day (10:00-16:00)


€250,-  (alumni €220,-)